Universal knee brace for children FIX-KD-15



Product Features

I CLASS MEDICAL PRODUCT I CLASS MEDICAL PRODUCT – the products is registered and patented medical device class I
24/7 THERAPY 24/7 THERAPY – the brace may be used for all day long immobilization and stabilization in daily activities
CAST REPLACEMENT CAST REPLACEMENT – our kids shoulder immobilizer replaces to uncomfortable plaster cast
MAGNETIC 1R DROP LOCK MAGNETIC 1R DROP LOCK – the brace is equipped with innovative magnetic drop lock 1R orthodesign, which provides range of motion adjustment in every 15°. The splint is patented in EU

Purpose of use

  • knee dislocation
  • knee sprain
  • knee instability
  • ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL injuries
  • meniscus tears and injuries
  • Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA)
  • non-specific osteitis
  • osteonecrosis
  • other surgical procedures


Sprained knee occurs when knee performs motion over physiological barriers. A knee sprain is one or more stretched, partly torn, or completely torn knee ligaments. Knee sprains often happen because of a twisting or bending injury from sports such as football or basketball. In case of mild injury, your child may need a brace, but a complete torn ligaments may need surgery. In both cases, our professional children knee brace FIX-KD-15 will be extremely helpful.

Paediatric knee brace FIX-KD-15 is a Professional medical device used in case of knee sprain or strain or dislocation. Our knee brace FIX-KD-15 is made of innovative, breathable fabric AeroSpace II™

AeroSpace™ is an innovative fabric of a new generation. It’s spacer elastic knitted fabric 3D made of 2 layers with perfect width absorbing the shocks. Our fabric is made of the highest quality durabe polyester and spandex with perfect elasticity. It’s low weight, high elastic and breathable. All products made of this fabric are skin friendly, keep the optimal joint’s temperature and aborb muscles shocks. 3D design reduces the pressure of aluminum splints and stays.

AeroSpace II™

Innovative, wrap around design of our children knee brace FIX-KD-15 allows to use it for kids with various circumferences. What is more, our knee brace FIX-KD-15 fits to lower limb perfectly. Self gripping fabric and open design may our brace useful in case of severe injury and swollen knee.

Our knee brace is equipped with lightweight, low profile hinges and aluminum splints offering smooth range of motion adjustment. They can be blocked in one, required angle for full knee immobilization. Also, we use special padded covers for hinges which reduce the pressure on bony prominences such as femur condyles.

Our AERO SPACE II™ fabric is fully breathable, allows skin to breath and maintains it dry and clean.

Due to constant compression, our knee orthosis maintains the temperature, reduces the pain and improves the healing.

All of the elements of our knee brace are low profiled and lightweight, perfect for small Patients.

Available sizes

Size Knee circumference Typical age How to measure
1 20 – 26 cm 2 – 6 years
2 26,5 – 38 cm > 6 years

Fits for both knees.

Total length of the product:
1: 24 cm
2: 28 cm

Product is shipped in random color.